About Bhimeshwor Academy

Bhimeshwor Academy is at the center of Gothatar, Kathmandu to initiate an educational philosophy with entrepreneurial ingenuity and resource-fullness to help children better meet the challenges of the future.

The primary aim of the school is to provide practical and creative education to meet the demand of quality education of the modern world. We encourage actual involvement of the students. And thus prepare active and efficient citizens for the nation. We provide them with school education to keep pace with ever advancing world.

Features Bhimeshwor Academy

Liberty - Lab - Science - Computer - Music - Dance

ECA (Extra Curricular Activities) - Martial Arts, Basket Ball, Badminton, Football, Chess

School Bus - Cafteria

Well Trained Teacher

Playway Method (Teaching Method)

Monthly Health Check-up

Field Visit


For Admission

Entrance Exam -> Exam - Unit(Every 6 Months) - Terminal(Every 3 Months) - Annual(Every Year)
Assisment + Project Work
Poem, Quiz, Essay, Speech, Debate, Singin